Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 

September 18


We will dock in Abu Dhabi today at 5 PM. It is 107° today and we probably won’t go out in the heat. I watched a movie in the room for the first time-Danny Collins. Still learning and playing bridge too. And, remarkably still ahead in the casino. Two of the casino staff have already left and two more leave on Sunday in Dubai.  That’s different from other trips we have been on because crew members come and go depending on the length of their contracts. Very few will be on the whole trip with us although as I have written before, some will return.

Tomorrow we are going in off road vehicles to the Al Khatim Desert where they say that the sand dunes rise to 934 feet!

Then in the evening we have a special event for world cruise travelers at the Emirates Palace Hotel, will write about both tomorrow or Sunday.

Dinner with the Captain was fun.  He is a nice dinner companion, very personable.  The social hostess, Claudia, also joined us.  She was a professional ballerina for 18 years. Two other couples and Jan, the woman whose husband will rejoin her on the cruise today, were the other tablemates.

We are now at 73 days into the cruise and enjoying every minute.


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3 Responses to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 

  1. Barbara Lahr says:

    i too have enjoyed “the trip” . . . thanks to your blog, Pat, I (and larry) have learned so much. Never been on a vicaious trip before . . . can’t wait til “WE go again”!!! lol


  2. Joel Zullinger says:

    Would you post a picture of the high dunes in the Desert. I could then remove it from my bucket list without having to go out in the 107 degree heat!


  3. Yvette Brown says:

    I remember Claudia. She delivered a gift to my daughter one night at dinner. She was lovely. My daughter was the only child from Fiji to Australia. So she was very kind to her. The benefit of a small cruiseline – personal attention and crew that you remember.


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