Montreal, Canada

July 24

The first segment of the cruise ends today in Montreal, and many people are leaving here. We pulled into the port this morning around 6:30 and for the first time, we need to keep our drapes closed when getting dressed since the shore crew is just level with our room and the workers can look right in, that’s how close they are!

Port view, usually we are on the other side!

Port view, usually we are on the other side!

So tonight at dinner we will see many new faces. We have met many of the world cruise travelers and there are others who will be on until Southampton, Barcelona or Dubai. We have even met people who are getting off here and returning in Dubai or Cape Town. Very interesting. Also some of the crew leave at various places for their time off.

Exploring Montreal today, we have also been here before so are going on our own, after a Skype call with Dave Wondra, ICF Board Chair.

We really enjoy the streets and shops of Old Montreal. Watch for more pictures later!

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1 Response to Montreal, Canada

  1. Patricia A. Bucek says:

    I hope the ship provides extra storage space for all the clothes, art, and other cool things you’ll be purchasing along the way! Love to Norm.


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