Bruges, Belgium


August 15

We sailed into Zeebrugge harbor this morning, with a forecast of rain. It looked cloudy but luckily no rain all day!


We took a tour to Bruges – if you set out to design a medieval town, it would be hard to improve on central Bruges.  The cobblestone streets and many canals combined with amazing old buildings make it one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen.  There is a bell tower that rings every 15 minutes.  The town is a UNESCO world heritage site.IMG_1867 IMG_1870 IMG_1874IMG_1884


We had a walking tour of the town and then a canal boat tour which allowed us to see the city from another point of view.

IMG_1954 IMG_1958 IMG_1973 IMG_1977 IMG_1905IMG_1983

And this dog had a good view of us as we passed by in the canal boat!  But he doesn’t look too interested.

We learned that the term “burg” means fortification, so towns and cities that have that in the name  had forts.  And the first stock exchange was in Bruges, papers were exchanged on the river bank which is where the term “bank” came from.  Who knew?

Of course we had to have the Belgian waffles, and we did some real damage in the chocolate shops.  Pure heaven, I would say!

IMG_1997 IMG_1998IMG_1890


A couple of highlights –  This is a country known for its lace. There was a lace making demonstration going on along the streets and above the brewery – this only happens once a year, so there was an opportunity to see these amazing artists at work.  Check out the chess board and the dominos, all handmade of lace.

IMG_1995IMG_2009 IMG_2010 IMG_2012 IMG_2013


There was also a parade of old cars (over 100 of them) that also happens only once a year as they pass through Bruges on the way to other towns in Belgium.  The drivers and passengers were all decked out!



Our guide told us there are over 1400 kinds of beer found in Bruges, and each beer deserves its own glass.  Here, we could see a display of that, the entire display was a whole wall.  And here’s the brewery sign.

IMG_1919 IMG_1916


Here are just a few more pictures of the wonderful buildings and churches.  This is a place we want to visit again.

IMG_1928 IMG_1934

IMG_1994 IMG_1901


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6 Responses to Bruges, Belgium

  1. Dorothy B Tyler says:

    But — but — it isn’t Tuesday!


  2. Hilary says:

    Wow you two ae hitting all the places at such perfect times.


  3. Rick & Marilen Beaman says:

    Thanks for sharing the info on Bruges.. It has made up our mind of whether to start our 2017 River cruises In Amsterdam or Bruges. Bruges it is.. Your pictures are great. Great timing on the special events.


  4. Phyllis Miller says:

    You brought back my memories of Belgium just as you said — a heavenly waffle, stupendous chocolate and beautiful lace! 🙂 That chess board was quite high-brow!! Phyllis


  5. Barbara Lahr says:

    Larry and I had the pleasure of visiting Amsterdam and Bruges it was close to my 55th B-day (just a few years ago. lol, Thanks or a trip down memory lane.


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