Cruising the Caribbean Sea

January 2

We had a terrific and emotional day. First, the ship hosted a mimosa party for the world cruise group with lovely food and the mimosas.  Andy, our cruise director, composed a song for us, and we were invited to submit 100 words about our journey if we wanted to. I chose to do mine in the “sixwordstories” format and people really liked it.  If you don’t know about sixwordstories and want to know more, here is the link:

  • Started as guests, ended as family.
  • Tammy and Andy: one dynamic duo.
  • Our clothes still fit, thanks, Mario.
  • Mombasa roads, big delay. Who knew?
  • Celebrating Norm’s birthday in Toscana. Meraviglioso!
  • Destinations kept us learning and exploring.
  • Shows: hit or miss. Like life.
  • Casino staff: win/lose, always fun.
  • Iwayan, Daisy, Ebner kept us organized.
  • Fascinating Petra: never been so hot.
  • Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, Bagan: amazing.
  • Cultural color in India. Must return.
  • Safari magic, chateaus, Emirates Palace, luminaries.
  • Internet connectivity: an exercise in patience.
  • Fitness track: it’s boring but effective.
  • New friends, shared fun, remember always.
  • World cruise 2017 – see you then!

And, yes, we are signed up to do another world cruise in January of 2017, this time going the other direction.  More info to come about that.

We also had the usual end of the segment show and festivities – we got to go to that each time but this time it was really emotional.  We have loved every minute of this amazing trip and it was hard to imagine it was almost over.  At this show, almost all of the staff shows up, comes to the stage, dances with us and then lines the way out of the theater and greets each of us.  Lots of tears, laughs and a very special night with a very special group.


Captain Brajcic and Andy Heath, cruise director


Cocktail pianist, Alex


Ambassador Carol with Candace (and mimosa)


General manager Victor with Marilyn and Sharon (and tears)


Norm and Bill Pollock


Mona with both of us


The world cruisers


Anna, internet manager


We will miss this wonderful library!


The last hurrah.. and the captain’s last cruise before retiring


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4 Responses to Cruising the Caribbean Sea

  1. Patti & Shar says:

    Wow. Welcome home. We lived cruising the world with you.
    Patti & Shar


  2. Carolyn Clouser says:

    Welcome home (almost)! Thanks for letting me share in your journey. It’s been interesting!


  3. Rick & Marilen Beaman says:

    We like the six word presentation,,thanks for summing it up for us
    wow another world cruise in 2017,,,, please keep us on your list,,,
    Traveling with you has been so much fun
    We leave this Thurs for 3 months and your hints on some of the places really helped,,

    Welcome home to reality.


  4. Welcome home, Pat! It has been so much sharing sharing your cruise adventure vicariously these past six months….thank you for the wonderful posts, and all the perspective, visuals and insights you gave to us from all over the world. May 2016 bring you much peace, joy and not too much laundry. 🙂


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