Super Bowl Sunday on the high seas

February 3, 2019

Last night was a performance of Gatsby by the entertainment team – we also saw it on the first leg, but most of this team is leaving us in Sydney, so it is their last performance of this show. Really well done. Here is the cast with fellow passengers Jim Beach and Bob Brown.

Photo credit: Bob Brown posted on Cruise Critic site

We have been on ships during the Super Bowl before, so we knew not to expect the commercials, but others were disappointed since that is the only reason they watch the game. Outside the US, they usually show the same ESPN commercials.

We entered the beautifully decorated Insignia Lounge on the Patriots side. One side was decorated for the Rams, the other for the Patriots. And both the food and drinks were plentiful. They had wings, hamburgers, hot dogs, chili, baked potatoes with fixings, guacamole and chips, pizza, popcorn, potato chips, pretzels, veggies and dip, cheese platters, etc.

Norm in his Eagles regalia. Maybe next year?

On the dessert side, there was a fabulous cake and chocolate Super Bowl trophy in chocolate with LIII along side. There were brownies and all kinds of assorted cupcakes too.

That football in the middle is solid (delicious) chocolate, and the green grass is coconut. Yum.

The waiters had their t-shirts and sunglasses on and were having a great time.

In the matter of the football pool….. friends Isaac, Lalo and Dariella are on this cruise (part of the “usual suspects” gambling buddies from a previous trip) – and Dariella and Lalo got off in Los Angeles and will rejoin in Honolulu thus avoiding the 5 day Pacific crossing. As Isaac was purchasing his squares on the board for the Super Bowl Pool, he told me to choose the 5 for Dariella so she would blame me when she lost.

Well, here is what happened. I did choose her five, and later my two. The prizes were $100 at the end of the first quarter, $300 at the end of the half, $500 at the end of the third quarter and $700 at the end of the game. It was based on the last number of the scores at that time. Here is the board.

With the score 3-3, 13-3, Dariella won the last 3 !!! for a payout of $1500. I don’t think she will be mad at me for choosing her squares! And, of course, I didn’t win anything.

Congratulations, Dariella. See you for hugs and high fives when we reach Honolulu.

Photo courtesy of Dariella’s facebook page!

I am posting this on Monday, 2/4. We are about 200 nautical miles from Kauai and the seas are pretty calm, it is sunny and beautiful. The captain announced that we have a medical emergency on board and the Coast Guard will be landing a helicopter on the ship around 3 PM for an evacuation. I don’t know which passenger, but wishing for good outcomes.

Tomorrow – hopefully we will get into Kauai. I found out we are docked, not tendering in so that should be good. Can’t wait to experience it as we keep hearing how beautiful it is.

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1 Response to Super Bowl Sunday on the high seas

  1. Christie N. Gehman says:

    Enjoy that amazing Island. I LOVED it there! Super Bowl was kind of boring. Best part of it here was the “wings” we had!!!! Loving the Blog as usual. Went to the State Theater in Easton last week to see Chicago which was wonderful. Seriously, Broadway quality. Such a wonderful Theater. Saw my first motion picture there in about 1956!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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