Komodo, Indonesia

March 15, 2019

“Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup”.

Well, we have left Australia and are now in our first port in Indonesia – Komodo.

Here are some pictures as we sailed in.  We anchor off the island – it is a tender port that docks at a small pier, shown in one of the pictures below. The island is very green.  We had storms all night but no rain this morning. The local people approach the ship in their small boats hoping for guests to throw money to them. We are strictly warned against that.


First of all, about Indonesia.  It is made up of  17, 508 and has the highest Islam population in the world. There are 127 natural volcanoes here.  Adam Tanner did a talk about Indonesia yesterday (again, standing room only) and had a lot to say about the corrupt government in the past as well as the economic success here.

Komodo is one of three major islands making up Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The park was established in 1980 with the sole purpose of protecting the habitat of the Komodo dragon. The dragon was first discovered by a zoologist named Peter Ouwens just over 100 years ago even though it dates back 40 million years in one form or another. Komodo is the only natural habitat of the Komodo Dragon.  The island of Komodo includes about 60 square miles of craggy mountains, deep canyons, savannas and monsoon rainforests.

We were here in March of 2017 and once you have seen the Dragons, in our opinion, you don’t need to see them again.  To read more about them and this area, you can look at the post from that visit,  Komodo 2017

There are fewer than 300 Komodo Dragons left and their existence is in jeopardy. 

Here is one picture of us with a dragon in March 2017.


So, my plan for the day on board was a spa day.  I started with my hour long walk on deck after breakfast, then headed to the steam room and a series of treatments including a full body massage, a pressure point foot massage, a scalp massage, revitalizing hand and arm massage and collagen eye treatment followed by another steam.  So relaxing!

Tonight we are eating dinner in Polo following a cocktail reception with Graham Denison, the artist in residence.


Tomorrow and Sunday we will be in Bali.  My massage therapist today lives there and will be allowed to leave the ship overnight to be with her family!  I assume there will be other crew who will do the same.  Our spa manager, Laura, departs tomorrow for a well earned vacation.  Have a great time, Laura!

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