Callao, Peru (Technical stop)

February 2, 2023

As I mentioned previously, all of our stops in Peru were cancelled due to the political unrest here. Many people were scheduled to go to Machu Picchu and of course were very disappointed. We had some tours planned too, but do understand the need for safety. So today, the ship stopped just to take on fuel and get supplies. No one was allowed to get off, but there was a small market set up on the pier and I guess the authorities decided that people could get off just to go to that market. I was in the nail salon so didn’t go. We have been to Peru before so I didn’t really need any souvenirs anyway.

It was very foggy all night, you couldn’t see anything outside and the fog horn was blasting every couple of minutes. I slept through most of it but woke up in the middle of the night and looked outside. Eerie to not be able to see anything – the fog was that thick. We were supposed to arrive here at 9 AM but it was after 11 when we arrived, I guess because of the fog.

It was clearing when we sailed in. Here is a shot of what you could see on the way into port. You can see the fog still at the base of the hill.

Lunch on the outdoor terrace was a Mexican theme and it was delicious.

Farid nails it again!

Tonight after the show, there will be a Groundhog Day party in Horizons and our cruise director, Ray, promises that there will be groundhog cupcakes. I assume that means the decoration and not the cupcake itself! No groundhogs here. 😃

We have a sea day tomorrow and then we will arrive at our first port in Chile on Saturday.

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1 Response to Callao, Peru (Technical stop)

  1. Violet Archer says:

    I thought Farid was a big man, but he looks little next to this chef. Then the chef must be H U G E. !


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