One week to go!

We sail next Wednesday.  Travel advice is to put all the clothes and all the money you want to take on the bed.  Then take half the clothes and twice the money.  I think we have failed at that one.  Three bags already sent to the ship with two to bring with us on the plane. Here is the beginning of those last two.packing

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3 Responses to One week to go!

  1. Carol Cryer says:

    Oh you guys…now we know you two are an organized duo…you can do it. My tip – take less clothes so that you can buy clothes all over the world! Mother would go to Italy with a bag in a bag to bring home goodies!


  2. debra casalino says:

    Best wishes for a wonderful journey and trip of a lifetime! Looking forward to reading of your travels and living vicariously through your experiences as you travel the globe! deb xx


  3. Oceania is wonderful. Been looking at their world cruises the last couple years. Someday. Bon Voyage.


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