Getting ready to travel again!

Well, it has been a long time with no travel and we are eager to resume travel and blogging.  We have a 26 day Oceania cruise booked next month and I will try to remember how to blog again. 

The first leg is transatlantic from Miami to Rome. The second is from Rome to Venice.

Even though we have traveled to many places, there are 9 ports on this cruise that we have never visited so we are excited to see them.

And, with any luck, we will do another World Cruise in 2023.  We canceled the 2022.  We do have many friends who are on it right now and are having fun on a fully vaccinated trip – even with the extensive change in the itinerary.

Fingers crossed that we will remain healthy and start to travel again.

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10 Responses to Getting ready to travel again!

  1. Lynne Wiseman says:

    Enjoy your next adventure. I look forward to you blogs! Lynne


  2. Erin says:

    Great to see you writing again. We’re joining Insignia for the EuroCrossing from Miami next month … to Athens. So, while there, we’ll spend another three weeks with the family. We’ll see you on the 2023 ATW … fingers crossed … embarking in Miami in December.


  3. Toby Zipin says:

    Hi Pat, I’m so happy for you and Norm are okay and that you’re back to traveling again, albeit in a more limited way this year.  The ports sound like ones we’d love to visit. Be well and enjoy your travels!! Toby


  4. Patricia says:

    So exciting…and so happy for you. Looking forward to reading your blog. Love you guys.


  5. Joylyn Conklin says:

    Have a wonderful time. We are going on a transatlantic next year also then 17 days thru 13 regions of Italy. Can’t wait. We leave in 9 days for a cruise Panama Canal.

    I will make sure to look at your blog.

    Joylyn Conklin



  6. christie gehman says:

    Hope your travels start again.


  7. rick beaman says:

    Pat/Norm – we are looking forward to your blog again. Enjoy the trip.

    Rick & Marilen Beaman


  8. Tori Wickland says:

    Good for you guys! Will catch you up on the ,attest and greatest on the West Coast/Pacific in the next couple, Pat. Assuming you and Norm are fit and fine and CoV-2 vaxxed to the max like us to travel or antibody tested and looking great. Anyone glowing in the dark yet??

    You must share your blogging comp tips some day. We will all be out there again soon.

    Tori +1530-559-2228 US cell/text

    Sent from my iPad



  9. Abbe DeMaio says:

    Can’t wait to stow away on your next adventure! Thank for virtually taking us along. Looking forward to learning about and seeing so many new places. Bon voyage!


  10. Jane Lucey says:

    wonderful news!! I am taking my first out of the country trip on 4/4. Let the great explorations begin <3.


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