It’s the end of the world (cruise that is)

July 6, 2017

We had a lot of fun in the last 2 days of the cruise! After we left Charleston, we had a sailaway party on the deck and a July 4 barbecue.  Good music, good friends and a surprise ritual that Ray initiated last cruise (and I didn’t know about) that at the end of the world cruise the “worldies” as he calls them, jump into the pool with their clothes on. Ray went first, and of course I had to do it.  Not Norm, though, he took the pictures. I am in the back in the red shirt! This didn’t happen on the last trip, I guess because we didn’t have Ray as our cruise director.  Or maybe because we returned in January that time!

We had the usual July 4th food, corn on the cob, burgers, hot dogs, ribs, chicken, potato salad, etc.  Delicious.  And the pastry chefs made a flag cake too!

Later that night we had a party after the show.  More fun, but some tears too as we all realized this special trip was coming to an end.

Our last sea day, July 5, we had a mimosa party and there were hugs and tears as Ray read some memories some of us submitted and we got to see the video that fellow passenger Rob Fromm created for us.  Will share that with everyone when we get home. Here are some photos of our celebrations.

And, the last casino night!

As the sun set on our 180th night, we remembered how lucky we are to have experienced our second trip around the world.  The learning, friendships, culture, fun, food and so much more has enriched us beyond measure.  We can hardly wait to do it again.

Thank you, Insignia.  We will never forget our adventures.

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10 Responses to It’s the end of the world (cruise that is)

  1. Silvio Bianco says:

    Thank you Pat & Norm for let me enjoy the Blog of your fantastic trip around the world, I read every days and also last trip around the world ,you really visited lots nice places ,travel is one of my pleasure in life also and I enjoy a lot. just a note many years ago I also worked on cruise ship for over 5 years and visited lots places, but you really you got to enjoy as passenger vs me as crewmember
    thank you again


  2. Rick & Marilen beaman says:

    wow what a truly fun adventure and to think we got to share it with you for the second time,
    Please include us with at slide show once you get home to the real reality of life..

    Welcome home rrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmm


  3. binderl says:

    Thank you for taking us along with you. Your writing is so special, it brough the trip to life for us who never left home!


  4. binderl says:

    Thank you for allowing us to accompany you on your journey. Your writing is so special that I felt like I was traveling alongside you and Norm.

    Look forward to connecting when you’re back in Philly!


  5. davewondra says:

    It’s been a pleasure traveling with both of you. I looked forward to your posts and will miss learning about what adventures you cruised into next! Dave


  6. Lynne Wiseman says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed following your adventures around the world. Thank you for taking us all along for the ride. Hope to see you at the reunion!!


  7. Welcome back!! It was quite an adventure!!


  8. pat b says:

    What a wonderful trip I experienced by reading your daily blogs with your great pics and comments!! Thank you for again doing this memory-maker and sharing it with those of us who wish we had been on board with you. Welcome home!


  9. Alice and Tom Holloway says:

    Welcome home!


  10. Sharon Krohn says:

    what a pleasure it has been reading your Around the World blog! Fabulous places, cultures, food, people! It has been a delight and I will miss tuning in.. Welcome home to a beautiful couple. Warmly, Sharon


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