Cruising the Arabian Sea

September 16

Last night we had a delightful dinner with Victor, the general manager on board, 2 other couples and one woman whose husband had to leave the world cruise for a couple of weeks for business. She can’t wait to have him back! He will rejoin in Dubai on Sunday. They are from Sydney. As always when you are invited to dinner with officers our senior staff, the wine flows freely and it is always excellent. Victor is from Lisbon and he was a fun dinner companion. Interesting to be the general manager when you have staff from all over the world, AND they have to not only work together but live together too. We had a great time.  The show was a singer, Ngo Ngoro, who has a powerful voice.  Most of the entertainers perform twice with two different shows before they leave. The show before her was a classically trained string quartet with a great act, singing, dancing, a bit of comedy-all while playing their instruments.  Graffiti Classics… Look then up! Great fun.

Today they had a grand bazaar on deck, with each ship department hosting a game.  For example, the housekeeping department had a contest to see who could get a pillowcase on the pillow first.  I am sorry to say, a man beat me.  I am definitely out of practice! The bartenders blindfolded you and had you try to guess what liquor you were smelling.  Lots of fun. You got tickets for winning any game and they drew for prizes at the end. We didn’t win anything.

And guests were asked to dress for the region if they had something appropriate. This is one of the people I play blackjack with! In the previous picture, Leslie, the current cruise director and Claudia, the social director, draw for prizes.

Today was also the day for the grand tea. I don’t think ships have midnight buffets anymore, for sure this one doesn’t, but the tea featured lots of special food.  I went to take pictures!

Sailing for Muscat where we arrive at 9 tomorrow.

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6 Responses to Cruising the Arabian Sea

  1. Looks fabulous! I would take tea time any day over a buffet!


  2. Yvette Brown says:



  3. Rick & Marilen Beaman says:

    Their tea times are always the best,,too pretty to eat,
    ,Holland does a good job too,,usually by the pool. and later at night.
    Havent seen a midnight buffet on ships for a long time.


  4. Rick & Marilen Beaman says:

    forgot to mention the Oceania fun games on the pool deck was always fun,,We didn’t win anything either but enjoyed ourselves just like you did,


  5. Patricia A. Bucek says:

    That food is amazing. And I love the idea of the department-based games. Thanks for sharing the photos! Patti & Shar xoxo


  6. Ellie says:

    Amazing designs and great ideas. I’m going to get Rick right on carving watermelons into birdcages.


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