Bora Bora, Society Islands, French Polynesia 

February 7, 2017

Before leaving Papeete, we had a wonderful Polynesian show on board.  The drummers, singers and dancers were exceptional and our friends saved seats in the front row so my pictures are much better than the last show.  I assume these men and women train since birth to move their hips the way they do.  Amazing.  And there were many costume changes.  One of them was to outfits made entirely of the flowers and greenery of the islands.  Just beautiful.

The flower costumes

Bora Bora is one of the loveliest places you could ever see.  We were at anchor so brought to the pier by tender ( which if I haven’t already explained, it is the lifeboats). This is what rental cars look like here! It is a major international tourist destination and is famous for the accomodations  that are over the water on stilts. We are told that some of them are $3000/ night. The name in the Tahitian language was originally Pora Pora meaning first born.  The early discoverers thought the inhabitants said Bora Bora, even though there is no B in the Tahitian language and the name stuck.

There is no public transportation on the island so rental cars, bikes and scooters are the modes of transport

The economy is almost entirely based on tourism here. We did some shopping in the markets and the stores, then we were taken by boat to a private island (known as a motu) for a special Around the World event.

The 12 person boat they took us in to the island. Insignia in the background

Who wouldn’t love to stay here!

Our greeting committee on the island

Once on the island, we had lots of drinks, a buffet lunch which we are at picnic tables in the absolutely clear water.  Even saw some rays.

We were again entertained by fabulous dancers and drummers.  I admired the fresh flower crown one of the servers had on and she took it off and put it on my head for me to keep! We meet such warm and wonderful people.

Here are a few more pictures of the event.  Wonderful way to spend the day and after a morning rain, the rest of the day was just spectacular.

These men in their loin cloths….mmmmm

Tricia and Norm

This twin peaked mountain ( Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu) is remnant of an extinct volcano and is symbolic of Bora Bora.

We did make two purchases and I will post pictures of them tomorrow when we are at sea.

This morning at sea ( I am writing this on February 8) we had a special Around the World breakfast with a huge assortment of bagel sandwiches.  Leslie nd Victor answered questions and mentioned that there will be a breakfast like this every month.  Here is the most unusual bagel.  The chefs outdid themselves.  There was even one with turkey and guacamole!

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5 Responses to Bora Bora, Society Islands, French Polynesia 

  1. Sharon krohn says:

    Truly paradise…


  2. Gretchen says:



  3. Jan Spearance says:

    Beautiful place on Earth


  4. Marie Lanser Beck says:

    Fabulous photos! Well worth all those rough sea days to get there.


  5. Rick & Marilen beaman says:

    your pictures say it all,,,love that special lunch in the water .You captured all the colorful flowers etc….love that bagel too.


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