River cruise starts

We are aboard the beautiful Emily Bronte and will leave Budapest tomorrow evening so have one more day to explore the city.

I have heard that some people (including Norm) didn’t get the photos in the Vienna post and I have not been able to upload the Budapest post that I started.

The good news about the WiFi on the boat is that we have it free on every device unlike the Oceania Insignia where we get just one account for one device at a time. The bad news is that it is incredibly slow and only apparently good for email.

One item I am going to try to post here is the heartrending display by the river. It is called Shoes by the Danube and is 60 pairs of bronze shoes modeled on footwear from the 1940’s. It is to commemorate those who were shot into the Danube by the Hungarian Nazis.

Well, the photo will not even upload into the blog, so for sure it won’t publish.. So no photo of the shoes. I will have to post that later.

So, my plan is to compose the blogs and try to upload them from shore if possible. Or I may need to upload them all at once when we get home!. So sorry about that but satellite WiFi is a challenge!

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4 Responses to River cruise starts

  1. Don S says:

    Thanks for taking the time to share. Looks like a fascinating trip Don

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  2. Gretchen says:

    There are no words for the shoes display. I still get chills when I see it☹️


  3. marilen and Rick says:

    we know the feeling of not having the pictures posted. Had the same experience when we were in Nepal, India, and Bhutan recently. Looking forward to pictures whenever they can be sent.


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