Headed to Prague tomorrow!

I am excited to be leaving for 2019 International Coach Federation ( ICF) Converge tomorrow (my professional organization) – for the content, the networking and this year, for my induction into the ICF Circle of Distinction.  Here is the information about this honor – I am very humbled by this honor!

ICF Circle of Distinction

After the conference, Norm and I will spend 2 days in Vienna and 2 days in Budapest before boarding the Emily Bronte riverboat for a 2 week river cruise from Budapest to Cologne.

Here is the route we will take.  Watch for my blog posts!

emily bronte map

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12 Responses to Headed to Prague tomorrow!

  1. Patricia Bucek says:

    So exciting! I love Prague and want to get back there soon. Safe journeys.


  2. lewiseman@aol.com says:

    Congratulations Pat.  What an honor to be chose for this prestigious award.  You have had a wonderful career and have make your mark on the world!  Enjoy your adventure to receive this award and the river cruise to celebrate!  Well done!!

    Cheers,  Lynne


  3. Don S says:

    Congrats again, and enjoy!! You have more than earned it. Best to Norman

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. Vicki D. Lachman says:

    First of all congratulations Pat. You deserve the honor. I took essentially the same cruise 3 years ago, though mine went all the way to Amsterdam. I so enjoyed floating past the villages, castles and visiting the towns along the way. Prague is still on my list, in fact in the top 5. Have a great time. Vicki


  5. Beth Luka says:

    Congratulations, Pat! Savor the accolades and the conference and enjoy your river voyage!

    Beth Luka

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  6. Mary Lynn Devlin says:

    Many, many congratulations to you, Pat. So richly deserved!


  7. Tori Wickland says:

    Pat, Finally recovering from A-12 virus which plagued not only us but everyone else on the Viking and Oceania vessels. I have lots of info and places to go, things to do.

    We had to switch ships in Nuremberg which was awful. Not only did we get a worse ship with a worse chef and crew( we did keep our great Cruise director and our new ship manager was stellar) but, worse internet, worse berths, we had low water by 4mm so hope you don’t have to pack, change ships, lose excursions you wanted as these all go bye bye when you change ships…

    Let me send more from my iPad…

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  8. AM Holloway says:

    Congrats again, Pat! Enjoy every moment of your adventure! Can’t wait to hear all about it. Hugs to you and Norm!


  9. Tori Wickland says:

    Budapest: We had a full day there. Tour was broad to see both sides of the river prior to us taking off on our own. Went from the Pest side where the old town exits to wind down via the walkways and parks to the Elizabeth Bridge. FYIs… hit the Hilton at the top of the hill for potty privileges and to see the church ruins left in the footprint of the Hilton gardens. Beautiful. And the hotel is too. Then wind down the paths after seeing all there is around the Hilton area, the churches, fortress, and the government buildings. Beautiful. If you take a tour to the top of the Pest hillside everything is downhill and easy back to you ship. Have lunch then… head out to discover the Budapest side. Worth most of the day. The main Synagogue is incredible. Just down the river towards the Parliament is a moving tribute to the Jews shot and killed along the river banks. (Pix) then head into town from that monument to take in the city on foot. Lots of parks and other impromptu monuments and great restaurants and places to grab coffee. We headed down to the Horror Museum on Andrassy where the Opera and the Metro go hand and hand. The fashion divas on the strata were worth the walk alone. (Pix) the Horror Museum just opened. It was worth the the visit to Budapest alone. Took about an hour. It covered the initiation of the Nazi occupation but rapidly heads into the Soviet occupation for 50years under USSR and what went down then which was 100percent worse. Then, be aboard when the sun goes down to see the lighting of Budapest and bring your camera. Fabulous.

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  10. cookie miller says:

    Pat: Congratulations on receiving this honor. Enjoy your travels. cookie >


  11. Marilen and Rick says:

    Congratulations Pat on the award.

    Rick & Marilen


  12. Marilen and Rick says:

    Pat/Norm – by the way we used your notes from Bhutan and Nepal in planning our trip we just completed to India, Nepal, and Bhutan. After climbing to Tiger’s Nest, we took your advice and arranged a hot stone soak to sooth the muscles.


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