Charleston, SC, USA

July 3 & 4, 2017

Last night we had a dinner with most of the group that contributed to the quilt project.  We had a fun time. Lima was at our table, she had bid to be cruise director for the day! You can see her showing off her name badge. I won’t mention what magician Steve was doing under that napkin!

After the show (great group called December 63) there waa a party for the around the world guests and the crew in Horizons.  We even got to meet the laundry staff who we never see and so appreciate.

I bought drinks for the group of waiters who were there and our stateroom attendants Surfi and Harry. The crew  other than the officers and production team doesn’t usually get to dance and party with us.  I stayed till they closed. Fun.

We arrived on Charleston at 6 pm on July 3. Our plans for the evening were with Alan, Beverly, Rhoda and Norman.  We had fabulous peach Bellinis at Blossom and dinner at Magnolias.  Fabulous but more food than and human could eat.  Are all Southern meals this way?? Is macaroni and cheese a vegetable?

Here’s what it all looked like:

The fried green tomatoes were wonderful and we had homemade potato chips with blue cheese and scallions that were so good they disappeared before I could get a picture!

We saw fireworks from our balcony.

July 4

Only 2 more days.  This orchid  plant in our room was beautiful for the entire 6 months…

We went out walking among the beautiful homes and gardens and to the market today.  Hot but lovely. We haven’t been here for several years and we love it here.

We went to a small park where we encountered a night heron rookery. There were several nests with young birds and the adults nearby. Hard to see the nest in the picture though.

A couple of other sights including a mural on the side of a building.  Don’t know what a bear is doing here!

Later we will have ” the end of the world”  (hope they mean world cruise!!!) sailaway party on the open deck followed by a July 4 barbecue on deck.  Will post pictures of that tomorrow. And we will have the last production show with the farewell from the staff.  There is a farewell at the end of each segment but this is REALLY our farewell.  I am sure there will be tears.  Tomorrow we will be at sea and have our last mimosa party with our fellow ATW guests and the staff. We will always remember our time and have made some lifelong friends.

Almost packed…

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2 Responses to Charleston, SC, USA

  1. Rick & Marilen beaman says:

    again we are so sorry for this to end for you…. we will miss you too.


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