St. George’s, Bermuda

June 30 and July 1, 2017

First of all, last night’s event and sunset.

The QUILT raffle was held last night, and over $6000 was raised for the crew welfare fund! I didn’t win the quilt.. But am happy to be part of it.  There will be a book about the project and I will purchase that.  There was also a live auction of several other quilts, ships flag, navigation charts, the ability to be cruise director for a day, etc.

Arrival in Bermuda was beautiful.  I forgot how crystal clear and blue the water is. There are some huge yachts here, apparently some of the America’s Cup  visitors are still here.

St. George’s is a UNESCO world heritage site   and the oldest surviving English New World town.  It is just 21 square miles (20 miles by 2 miles) and has a population of just 60,000. It is very British and it is usual to see men in jackets and ties with Bermuda shorts and knee socks.

We took a long walk through town and went to Tobacco Bay and Fort St. Catherine. The fort is known as “the jewel of the East”. It was constructed beginning in 1614! The views were terrific too.

Tobacco Bay:

We also visited the unfinished church and St. Peter’s church.

Some town sights.  The buildings are beautifully painted with white roofs.  Norm got his dog fix !

We went to Hamilton with Alan and Beverly for dinner at Ascot.  Cabs are not so easy to get but we made it. Absolutely wonderful dinner in a beautiful place.

Fish chowder was amazing.

Saturday we had a mission- sea glass.  Took a long walk and encountered several bad direction givers on our way to Buildings Bay.  Finally one nice guy gave us a ride.  Tiny secluded beach but what a treasure trove of glass! And sea creatures on the rocks.  Had a nice swim before walking back.

After a shower we went back out for lunch to The Wharf and ate overlooking the water.

At sea tomorrow before our last port of call, Charleston!

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5 Responses to St. George’s, Bermuda

  1. Hilary says:

    Enjoy your last days, i have so enjoyed following you and Norms 180 day adventure. Looking firward to catching up in august. Love Hilary


  2. Gretchen says:

    Yes, beautiful ending(almost) and the food looks delicious! Can’t wait to hear about this adventure!


  3. Rick & Marilen beaman says:

    Bermuda is a nice place,,,my grandaughter makes necklaces out of seaglass,
    i know you will be sad to end but so will we.,,,love traveling with you two


  4. Martha Costain says:

    Loved seeing St. Peters again. And the fish chowder was amazing! We are using our last bottle of sherry pepper sauce sparingly! May have to go back for more! Have enjoyed your blog immensely. Thanks!!


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