Acapulco, Mexico

January 22, 2023

Last evening we had dinner with Paul and Carolyn, the around the world host and hostess. They are from the UK. There were two other couples with us as well and it was a fun time. Very few people were in the dining room because our chef, Farid, did a Red Ginger dinner in the Terrace Cafe for Chinese New Year. They will do it again tomorrow night.

I had the lobster pad Thai. Delicious.

The sky just after sunset tonight was just beautiful.

Last night and then this morning, Norm wasn’t feeling well. So we both decided to do Covid tests as I have had a post nasal drip and a bit of a cough.

The bad news

As you see, we both tested positive much to my surprise (about me, but kind of expected it for Norm.) He had a fever and a lot of congestion since last night.

We called the medical office and they did a confirming PCR test, both positive. So now we will need to quarantine in our suite for 5 days at which point we will have another test, then we will need to wear a mask inside and out for 5 days.

We are very thankful for being fully vaccinated and for the antiviral meds they gave us.

So, you won’t see many posts from three upcoming ports – I will post what we can see from our balcony, and updates on how we are feeling. For the 5 days, we will miss one in Mexico, one in Guatemala and one in El Salvador as well as 2 sea days. Nothing we haven’t seen before! So room service, movies and books here we come. We are watching the NFL playoff game now and we get the Australian Open, so I am happy about that. We also get all the news channels but don’t watch them unless there is some really important news.

Stay tuned!

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10 Responses to Acapulco, Mexico

  1. christie gehman says:

    So sorry but , hopefully, you’ll recover well and be fine for the majority of the trip.


  2. Mary Lynn Devlin says:

    Hi, Pat and Norm. So excited for you guys traveling the world again and grateful to be virtually taken along with you. Darn that COVID! I know they’ll take good care of you and keep you entertained in your room. Just curious — do they require tests for anyone who was with you at meals or on excursions? I know cruises used to do that, but wasn’t sure if they still do. I hope you’ll both be feeling much better real soon and will have beautiful views in the meantime!


  3. Erin says:

    That’s a bummer … hope you feel better soon.


  4. SHARON KROHN says:

    Sorry to hear! I suppose this was inevitable. But with all the vaccinations and the time to recuperate you should both be up and about soon! Feel better soon .


  5. Sheree says:

    I can think of worse places to quarantine!


  6. Ellie says:

    Too bad about the Covid, but nice to know you’ll be taken care of. I can recommend Demon Copperhead as a good read. Take care


  7. Don says:

    Hope you both are back at it sooner than later!!


  8. Rick & Marilen beaman says:

    Sorry about the Covid. Sounds like you are being treated well. Good thing the next stops are places you have been before.

    Get well

    Rick & marilen


  9. Violet Archer says:

    Sorry to hear of your positive results. We know you at in good hands on the ship. We will miss your daily commentaries from your balcony. Stay well both off you.
    Thinking of you, Violet and Lok


  10. says:

    Oh Pat, I am sorry to hear this.  I hope it is a mild case and that you recover quickly.~ Mary


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