Puerto Chiapas, Mexico

January 24, 2023

We are into day 3 of our COVID quarantine and are feeling pretty good. I am fine and Norm is feeling better every day. The medical people check on us twice a day and we get any food we went from any restaurant – delivered of course. The only thing I really miss is exercise. Reading books and watching Austrailian Open tennis is keeping me occupied. Maybe I will try to see one of the movies today. We do love to sit on the balcony and watch the sights.

Here are the pictures of last night’s sunset and the quintet dessert from Polo – a sample of 5 of their desserts. A bite of each was great.

Today we arrived in Puerto Chiapas, Mexico. There was a pretty narrow channel into the port and a beach with MANY birds waiting for us. Lots of my favorite – pelicans. Here are some pictures of the port, all we will be seeing of this place is from our balcony!

We got word last night that all stops in Peru are canceled due to the political unrest there. We weren’t surprised. We had tours scheduled in all 3 ports but have been there before so it is not too disappointing. They are adding two days in Guayaquil Ecuador. I am sure that the people who were planning to go to Machu Picchu were unhappy but that’s the way the world is. No guarantees.

This area is second among Mexican states in the production of cacao, the product used to make chocolate. We were scheduled to visit a place that makes it today. I love chocolate, so will miss that, but perhaps one of our friends will bring some back. The area is also responsible for 60% of Mexico’s coffee output.

Tomorrow we will be in Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala. When we were here before, we visited a coffee plantation and learned a lot about coffee beans and how they go from the plant to the product we all know. And the guide had a belt on that I admired. She made it herself and when I mentioned how nice it was, she took it off and gave it to me. The world is full of wonderful people even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes. Travel is eye opening, you never see things through the same lens again.

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6 Responses to Puerto Chiapas, Mexico

  1. Jan Spearance says:

    Happy to hear that you are both on the mend. hope the days ahead bring you joy!


  2. Abbe DeMaio says:

    Sorry to hear you’re COVID positive (we all know you’re normally very positive about everything, this one, you could have passed on …). Hoping Norm’s recovery continues and you continue to be well. Enjoy FREEDOM when your quarantine is over!


  3. Hilary Oliver says:

    So pleased you are both feeling ok – the australian open will be a good one to watch.
    So sad about Peru ! Hopefully one day….!
    Loving your blogs again – i am on my way home today!


  4. Sheree says:

    Pleased to hear you’re both feeling better


  5. Erin says:

    Glad to read that you are both doing well. Hopefully you will be out and about in a few more days.


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