Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

January 25, 2023

Well, there isn’t much to write about. The room looks about the same as it has since Sunday! I did watch The Woman King yesterday and am still watching a lot of Australian Open tennis even though my favorites are out of the competition already🎾.

We were both up and about to see the beautiful sunrise this morning as we sailed toward the port.

There isn’t much interesting to see from our balcony on the starboard side of the ship today. It is mostly industrial. Here is one picture.

We really enjoyed Guatemala on our last visit here. It is a small country, about the size of Ohio, and as I posted yesterday, it is a very important producer of coffee. Honduras now produces more than Guatemala but this country is still the second largest coffee producer in Central America.

Norm continues to feel better each day and I am still feeling fine. On Friday we will test negative and will hope to join all of the ship activities and our tours.

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3 Responses to Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

  1. Violet Archer says:

    Glad you are feeling better.


  2. Rick & Marilen Beaman says:

    Happy you are feeling better and crossing our fingers that you both test negative tomorrow. Funny how “negative” can mean “good” when it comes to Covid. Nice sunrise pictures


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