Acajutla, El Salvador

January 26, 2023

We arrived here in darkness this morning just before our scheduled port time of 6 AM. This is El Salvador’s principal port and handles a large portion of its coffee, sugar and balsam exports. Not too many cruise ships come here. It is interesting to watch the trucks coming and going all day, we assume with products to be loaded and exported on the many ships.

It has a privileged geographic position because it is located outside the Pacific ocean’s coast and has protected beaches and coral reefs.

Here is a picture of the port area.

About 90 minutes before we were scheduled to depart at 2 PM, this rig pulled up on the pier and what looked like a group of high school musicians got out and set up their instruments to play for us as the tour buses got back.

It did get some video but the WiFi was apparently not fast enough to load it.

Tonight we move 1 hour forward and we will be in the US eastern time zone. We have 2 days at sea on our way to Manta Ecuador on Sunday. There are two Oceania Club parties on the next two nights and we hope our quarantine will be over.

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1 Response to Acajutla, El Salvador

  1. Violet Archer says:

    Thank you Pat for your efforts keeping us abreast of the activities around you even in quarantine.


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