On board!

Adventure is about to begin. We waited about an hour to have our COVID requirements checked and then came onboard the beautiful Marina. Had lunch, did some exploring and are going to a Cruise Critic meet and greet at 4:30.

The first surprise was that we are not going to Bermuda. The weather is the stated reason but since we were not going to be there until Tuesday, we don’t know if that is the only reason. Instead, we are going to Great Stirrup Key in the Bahamas tomorrow. Then we have 6 sea days before we reach the Azores. We are getting $50 each credited to our account since we had to pay a fee to get a Bermuda landing permit.

Here are some pictures of our room and balcony. More fun to come!

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10 Responses to On board!

  1. davewondra says:

    Pat and Norm, I am very excited that I get to go on another cruise with you!


  2. marilen and Rick says:

    Have a great time and enjoy cruising again. Looking forward to reading about your adventure. We loved sailing on the Marina.


  3. Erin says:

    Have a wonderful cruise. We can see Marina from the apartment where we are staying before embarking Insignia on Wednesday.


  4. Patricia Bucek says:

    Bon Voyage! The room is beautiful, and I love the custom medallion on the wall. A very nice touch.


  5. Sharon Krohn says:

    What a fabulous set up! Looking forward to accompanying you on another amazing journey! 🤗🌎


  6. dorothy tyler says:

    I wonder if it has something to do with the Norwegian ship that ran aground in the Dominican Republic.


    In any case — enjoy!




  7. TR says:

    Hey Sailors, Happy voyage! Sent you a quick weather update email as your Captain Miss-a-Port just saved you some seriously gnarly conditions. Yee Haa!! No sleigh rides needed on this cruise. Pat, will update you prior to your next port if you choose. Sonia and Boris, will be joining us next Sunday here in Baja. Party!! Thanks for taking us on this adventure vicariously. Enjoy… Fair Winds and Following seas… Tori 🙂


  8. christie gehman says:

    Glad you’re back to doing what you love. Enjoy


  9. Joylyn Conklin says:

    Pat, looks like so much fun. What cruise line are you on? Have a great time.

    Joylyn Conklin



  10. Abbe Alpaugh says:

    Enjoy … and thank you for taking us all along with you once again!


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