Corner Brook, Newfoundland

July 27

We did a hiking outing today, went to 2 trails, the Crocker’s Road to Margaret Bowater Park and the Three Bear Mountain Trail. Beautiful gorges and still snow on the mountain tops. Our guide said it would probably still be there when the next snow comes!

They have about 150,000 moose here, the largest number in North America. But did we see one moose???? Noooooooo.

We then went to a local restaurant and tasted 2 tarts made with local fruits, baked apple (not our type but a specific fruit to Newfoundland) and a berry much like blueberry.

When we returned to the ship, I had the best hot stone massage I have ever experienced, and I have had a lot. This enticed me to schedule 3 more with the same massage therapist. He had magic hands indeed.

Then, for the first time, we had dinner outside at the terrace restaurant, where they have grilled to order lobster as well as sushi and so many other great options, I cannot list them all. We will be going back there for sure. It’s very casual, so I didn’t have to come down from my massage high. And the executive chef, Mario, cooked my lobster. Love seeing him around the dining rooms, and he always stops to chat. He said they will be having Greenland and Iceland foods while we are in that area, but when I asked him what kind, he just chuckled and said he never gives away his secrets!

On to Greenland next, we will be at sea for 2 days first, and yes, I did start the bridge lessons. Also took a sketching class, will post the results of that when I get fast wifi on shore.

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  1. Marilen loves the grill area in the Terrace on Oceania ships. She got hooked on the grilled lobster. Keep making us hungry.


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