At sea enroute to Isafjiordur, Iceland

August 1

At sea enroute to Isafjiordur Iceland.  This morning there was a gathering of world cruise travelers and we learned that the 100 year old man on the trip (he will be 101 in September) is on the world cruise and this is his 18th!   He goes on the excursions and likes his martinis dry, goes to happy hour every night.  I may have to start drinking dry martinis!

We will be coming back south across the arctic circle today around 2:30.  That is two hours later than NY time, and we moved ahead another hour tonight.  We will move another hour tomorrow night and will arrive in Isafjiordur on Tuesday, August 4.

Still taking bridge lessons and I THINK I am enjoying it.  Also have been enjoying art lessons and the photography courses.  There is a lecturer here named Terry Bishop who does the most interesting historical lectures about the areas we are visiting, we both enjoy those.


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3 Responses to At sea enroute to Isafjiordur, Iceland

  1. What nationality is the 100 year old man?


  2. Hilary says:

    enjoy Iceland one of my most favourite islands!


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