More from La Corona

August 22

I have been asked to post the picture of the jewelry I bought.  It came from this craft exhibition (all local from this area of Spain) and the website is

IMG_2499 IMG_2522

I am not sure why this statue of John Lennon is here (maybe he performed in this square?)  but I had to have my photo taken with him.


And a selfie in Spain…with John again (we got to know him pretty well)!


The day ended with a dinner in Polo, the steakhouse on board.  We enjoyed the wine our travel agent sent (Thanks, Pam).  It is a Silver Trident cabernet sauvignon.  Silver Trident is a Napa winery owned by the owner of the cruise line.  And it is excellent.

Just before dinner, this was the sight from our balcony..  All in all a pretty great day.


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3 Responses to More from La Corona

  1. Rick & Marilen Beaman says:

    wow a double rainbow for double luck


  2. Chris Gehman says:

    Love the jewelry, Pat. Really. The architecture there is awesome. Just one thing, it seems like you wear the same clothes like every 2 weeks.!!!!! LOL~


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