:-)Cruising the Mediterranean sea

August 28

So another relaxing day at sea.  We started after breakfast with a gathering of people who are on the cruise critic list serv, nice to meet them in person.

We are doing a tour in Petra with 6 of them, and got to meet the organizer so we are all set for that.

Then did our 1 hour walk on the fitness track.  (by the way, yesterday’s walking in Barcelona was 11 miles!)

Chef Mario did another entertaining cooking demonstration, and we had lunch… Blog posting, then relaxing in the spa terrace finishing the Girl on the Train book.

Pedicure at 4, cocktail party, Spanish guitarist Vincenzo Martinelli in concert, then probably casino for some blackjack.  It’s really a tough life here!

We are doing a lot of whale watching today too! Didn’t see them on the whale watching tour but there are many out there today.

We head to Cinque Terre tomorrow, early.  Looking forward to it!

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1 Response to :-)Cruising the Mediterranean sea

  1. Patti & Sharon says:

    It all sounds lovely! We are headed to Tuscany in March 2016 with the Harrisburg Regional Chamber, with a side trip to Cinque Terre. Looking forward to seeing your photos.


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