Pointe-A-Pitre, Guadeloupe


December 28

Guadeloupe is in the same category as Martinique, it is an overseas region and department of France. It has two main island districts, Basse Terre Island and Grand Terre.  Point-A-Pitre is at the junction of the two districts.  It is the largest city and economic capital.

We had small bursts of rain all day, lasting about 5 minutes each.  Those who went to the rainforest experienced lots of heavy rain, in town we just had the small bursts.  We started the day with a lovely rainbow that we saw while having our breakfast.  Nice way to start the day!


We decided to stay on land today after two days of snorkeling.  Sandra and Bob did go on the ship excursion for snorkeling and said it was just OK, but a highlight was seeing baby sea turtles hatch!  Darm, missed it!


We did have a nice day exploring the town.  There are a lot of homes in the French creole style here, some in really beautiful condition and others that need rehabbing.  Norm observed that if someone put some real money into the town, it would really be spectacular.  As it was, we had an enjoyable day exploring.


We started at the Marche Covert, a spice market that seemed to have every kind of spice I have ever heard of.  I can only speak a little French and when they talk fast, I can’t understand most of it.  We didn’t buy any spices but if we wanted to take them home, the prices (in Euros) were really good.

IMG_3700 IMG_3702

We went to the Eglise St-Pierre et Saint-Paul which is a lovely church known for its colorful exterior as well as the forest of girders inside, designed to help it survive earthquakes.



We explored the Place de la Victoire, the city park with palm treees and a sandbox tree supposedly planted by Victor Hugues, a late 18th century dictator who used the square for beheadings by guillotine.



We shopped at La Darse, the market at the old inner harbor adjacent to the park.  The people are really nice, no begging here and the city is pretty clean.


Here’s one of several shoemakers we saw along the streets.


And, yes, Norm got a haircut here in Guadeloupe.


This cute young lady was in the barbershop with her mom.

IMG_3706 IMG_3709            IMG_3726

And, Star Wars is playing at this theater!


IMG_3733       IMG_3745

We visited the Grotto at the Church of Lourdes de Massabielle.

IMG_3747 IMG_3749 IMG_3750 IMG_3753

Conch shells for sale, some may still have a living animal.

IMG_3756 IMG_3757


We had another rainbow as we sailed away enroute to Grenada!


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