The meaning behind Aloha

We have, of course, left Hawaiian waters and are now on our way to the Marquesas Islands, specifically Nuku Hiva.  It is the typical sea day with all of the activities I have described before.  I will probably go to a presentation on pearls today as we will visit a pearl farm and I want to know questions to ask.  Will we buy?  Undecided so far, but will get some information today.

Everyone in Hawaii greets you and says goodbye with the word “Aloha”.  I meant to publish this earlier, but here it is – the meaning behind Aloha as told to us in Hawaii.

A – (Akahaki): Kindness, expressed with tenderness

L- (Lokahi): Unity, expressed with harmony

O – (‘Olu’olu): Agreeable, expressed with pleasantness

H – (Ha’aha’a): Humility, expressed with modesty)

A -(Ahonui): Patience expressed with perseverence

Maybe the world needs more “aloha”.  What do you think?

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8 Responses to The meaning behind Aloha

  1. Gretchen says:

    Oh, you must buy at least one pearl😍
    That should be very fascinating!


  2. Jan Day Gravel says:

    Dear Pat – Thank you for posting this definition. I will be sharing it! Jan


  3. Robert Keiber says:

    Aloha back at ya….. Norm. good dudes. Sandy



  4. Pat, I see that you did not say that Norm was going to the presentation on pearls. That could mean he has no interest in pearls or that he trusts you implicitly to get all the information he needs to buy you some pearls. Inquiring minds are wondering!


  5. Rick & Marilen beaman says:

    nice to know the meaning of Ahola.

    and I did end up buying some pearls when we went there…but have hardly wore them since my job is very casual and I dont get dressed up much except on cruises.. I have two girls and two grandchildren who are girls so I will probably give it to one of them,,,so the pearls are not wasted at all…
    The vendors are right after you get off the tender and you can bargain with the people selling them and other stuff,,, I bought my pearls at a jewelry shop up the road… left hand side while we were walking.. has certificate and all…. wish I remembered the name of the store….. sorry…


  6. Jane Lucey says:

    Yes I agree We need more aloha . You are so blessed to be out of the turbulence in our country right now. Soak up all the peace and tranquility you can and bottle up some for your return ❤


  7. Hilary says:

    I orana! Or maybe Kiorana! I’m just about to leave Tahiti. Everywhere we went in French Polynesia we had lovely hot sunny weather. Tahiti -overcast and showers- however its a beautiful island. I loved Moorea and hope you get to visit that. I didnt visit a pearl farm but many did and said they were really intersting. If you buy , do make sure you get the certificate. The quality varies hugely from $15 pearls to very expensive. Enjoy. I also paid an unexpected visit to the Cook Islands to start as Tahiti was flooded!! Made it back just in time. Hope you are having fun as always. H


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