Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Jume 26, 2017

What a wonderful day in Boston! Adam, Mark and Ramsay came on the ship and we got to show then our home for the past 6 months.  It was a beautiful day and we had lunch on the terrace, showed them around the ship and generally enjoyed catching up.  

Maybe we should have Adam organize all of our mail from now on.. What a job he did! And we got caught up on things that would have had to wait til we got home – great.  Looking forward to summer shore time with them.

Sailing in and out was beautiful. And tonight we will go through the Cape Cod canal.  Fresh lobster tonight in the terrace cafe too. Guess where we will be eating dinner?

Headed to NY for 2 days next.  Looking forward to seeing Hamilton tomorrow night on Broadway.  We also get to see cousin Abbe tomorrow, friends Alice and Tom (brunch  on Wednesday) and of course chapter 2 in the great bagel competition!

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3 Responses to Boston, Massachusetts, USA

  1. Don says:

    Hey!! I would have come over to the canal and waved to you!!!


  2. Alice and Tom Holloway says:

    Our mail was also super well-organized! Your Adam and our Rachel could go into business handling snowbird mail…lol. Over achievers????


  3. Rick & Marilen beaman says:

    must have been a wonderful reunion…..


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