Crossing the equator and cocktail time

February 10, 2019

Today we crossed the equator – of course, we have crossed it many times, so we are already “shellbacks”. The equator divides the earth into Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. Here there are 12 hours of day and night throughout the year.

The celebration has been done since the days of the Vikings, some say, and on cruise ships it is definite that the initiation of all Polliwogs (who have never crossed the equator) into the Society of Shellbacks takes place the day we cross the equator.

This begins with a procession of the band, some mermaids, some pirates, a judge and of course, King Neptune and Queen Neptuna.

Here the women of the entertainment team, Stephanie and Sophia, get initiated. The initiation involves kissing the fish and being doused with something. The passengers mostly got ice water but the staff members got raw eggs and pasta. Queen Neptuna was actually our assistant cruise director, Nieks, who had his boobs and wig removed to reveal his disguise!

Mario readies the fish

Norm has been attending the lectures (sometimes I watch the video later) but we did both go to the cocktail master class with Sebastien. Today I also went to the cocktail school where we made two of the drinks from the master class and the Honeymoon dacquiri.

The Martinis bar is ready for our class. Only 8 participants so we get a lot of attention

I am writing this on Monday, February 11. We attended another master class with Sebastien where he made the Honeymoon Daiquiri, Raspberry Ginger and the Spicy Mango Experience. We got to taste the Mango one. I will go to the cocktail school this afternoon too, where we will make 3 new drinks.

Tonight the viewing of Oscar nominated films continues with The Wife. We have dinner scheduled with the chief engineer and will go to the movie after that.

Some single ladies – they dubbed themselves the “naughty ladies” hung some lingerie on one of the wall art exhibits. It didn’t stay there long!

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2 Responses to Crossing the equator and cocktail time

  1. Gretchen says:

    Looking forward to trying these drinks at Ya Ya!🍸🍹
    Take good notes😋🥰


  2. Patti & Sharon says:

    I always love reading your posts about the equator crossings. What fun it must be on the ship! I hope Shar and I can experience it one day. Love to Norm.


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