At Sea and Charlie’s birthday!

February 9, 2019

We are in our second of 4 days at sea on the way to Nuku Hiva, the largest of the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia.

Today we had two unique events plus an 80th birthday party for our friend Charlie.

Of course, we do love the relaxation of the sea days and always find things to do.

First we always do our one hour walk around the deck.  Today it was cloudy and a bit windy, but still a brisk way to start the day.

We had a master class in mixology with Sebastian Houdemon from France.  He is a graduate of St. Nazaire’s catering school in France and has worked in France, Spain, Dominican Republic and all around the world for international companies.  He is known for creating new cocktails.

Today he made the Oceania Elixir which we got to taste, a Tiki Smoky Old Fashioned and the Insignia Colada. I think the Oceania Elixer is a good one for yaya time at the beach!


Sebastian is on the left with Roberto (food and beverage director) and Leslie, our cruise director.


He will be doing another master class on February 11 and will also do a cocktail school twice during the next couple of sea days.  He is also in Martinis bar at night where he makes and serves his special cocktails.  I assume he will be departing at one of the upcoming ports so I want to try some more of the cocktails before he leaves.

Then, I went to the new book club gathering.  We are going to read The Printmaker’s Daughter. This is a novel about Japan and the discussion is being led by Becky, who lived in Japan.  Since we spend more than a week in Japanese ports on this cruise, this book should give us a glimpse of their culture.  We were each given a copy of the book and I have started it.  Fascinating.  We will get together each sea day for discussions.


It was an Asian lunch today in the Terrace Café.  Another unfortunate pig was served.


I wanted to play in the blackjack tournament but they didn’t have it today as not enough people showed up.  So I played a while at the table with Lalo and Isaac.  Lucky me, on the $1 side bet – Jolly Jacks – I got the pair of jack of clubs which paid out at 120:1!! Next time I want it with the dealer’s blackjack which pays $1000:1.  Hear that, dealers????

Our friend Graham Denison, the resident artist that we met in 2017 – and bought one of his paintings – arrived with his wife and business partner, Shuna – in Los Angeles. Looking forward to spending some time with him.

This evening Marilyn had arranged a dinner for her husband Charlie’s 80th birthday.  It was a nice dinner for 10 – joined by Rodney and Candace, Stephanie and Vic and Joe and Ginny.  Here is the invitation and some shots from the dinner.



That cake was delicious, served to us with vanilla ice cream, yum.  And all of the waiters came to sing to Charlie. Damien, our general manager, sent a bottle of champagne and Marilyn chose nice wines to accompany the dinner.  Happy birthday, Charlie!

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2 Responses to At Sea and Charlie’s birthday!

  1. Gretchen says:

    I can’t wait to try some of those drinks! You know I would have loved that class🍸


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