Cruising the Yellow Sea

April 6, 2019

I typically do not do a blog post while at sea unless something special is going on.  Well, today was something special.

Each segment, there is a special ATW gathering.  Victor, our general manager, reminded us that on the first world cruise, the company didn’t really want to provide too many extras.  We were on that one, and really it was simply wonderful, but now with half the ship going around the world, these special events are, well, more than special.  You have seen the posts of the previous 3.  This one was kept a closely guarded secret, we weren’t told anything except we got an invitation for the date.  It was at 11 AM today in the Insignia Lounge, and was a seafood extravaganza.

The entertainment staff dressed in their equator crossing attire and the seafood was nothing short of amazing.  Kudos to Mario and the entire culinary team!


The drinks and desserts were great too.


I ate a lot of shrimp and lobster but there was seafood of every variety.  It is hard to see how they might top this in the next segment.

As is typical at these events, there was also a short slide show of scenes from Japan.

It is on to Tianjin tomorrow.  90 people are leaving the ship for a 3 day overland trip in to Beijing and  Xian. We spent a week in China several years ago and are not going on this overland.

But, we are preparing for our 10 days off the ship to Nepal and Bhutan which will begin on April 11 from Shanghai.  Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Cruising the Yellow Sea

  1. marilen and Rick says:

    Oceania always does it excellent. We remember that trip to China several years ago and our trek up the Great Wall with you and Norm.


  2. marilen and Rick says:

    Can’t wait to hear about your side trip to Nepla and Buhtan. We are going there in Sept along with India.


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