Lisbon, Portugal, Day 2

June 12, 2019

Today we made plans to have lunch with friends Meg and Mark.  They chose a Lebanese restaurant called Sumaya in the Principe Real neighborhood which is where we walked through to get to the botanical garden yesterday! There is also a great chocolate shop there called Bettina & Nicola.

We decided to take the shuttle bus to the shopping area and went into an unbelievable shoe shop called Seaside.  If you couldn’t find a shoe here, it probably doesn’t exist.  We didn’t buy anything though.  We had both already bought Pikolinos shoes in another shop. Love them.

We again walked up to the upper town and by now recognized the streets, shops and restaurants. This is a building in the shopping area.


We went into an old church, Igreja de Sao Domingos,  which was badly damaged in earthquakes in 1531 and 1755 and in a fire in 1959.  The columns and walls are badly scorched but there is still a kind of beauty here.  I again lit a candle for Nora and hope she is improving after her 2 surgeries.


Here are a few more city pictures.


We had a wonderful leisurely lunch with Meg and Mark and really enjoyed sitting outside in the patio area on another gorgeous day. I didn’t take pictures of the meze plates but just got the desserts before we inhaled them too!


Tomorrow we head to Oporto, Portugal, then 2 more ports in Spain.

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