Leaving Antarctica and crossing the Drake Passage

February 20, 2023

We sailed past the Shetland Islands on our way out of Antarctica yesterday. The scenery was still quite beautiful although not as impressive as the icebergs. The areas we saw were Admiralty Bay, King George Island and Half Moon Island. There were some whales and penguin colonies but it was too cold to be outside taking too many pictures and they are quick! Here are some shots taken during my walk and also from inside the ship. Every time someone opened a door in the public areas to go outside, we all shivered. This has been spectacular but I am so done with cold weather!

Here were special dinners for the Around the World passengers in Polo and Toscana. It takes two nights with those restaurants closed to other guests to accommodate the almost 400 ATW guests. We were greeted by the ship’s entertainers and the senior staff on our way into the restaurant. There was a special menu just for these dinners.

Norm had the tuna and salmon appetizer and I had the beet one. We both had the soup then he had the lamb and I had the sea bass. All just wonderful with a welcome glass of champagne and the Chilean wines. Our culinary team came out to take a bow!

We had one of our favorite servers, Marina!

Today we are crossing the Drake Passage on our way to the Falkland Islands and we are again very lucky. It is pretty calm. Hoping the weather holds for tomorrow!

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4 Responses to Leaving Antarctica and crossing the Drake Passage

  1. Donald Spearance says:

    Enjoying the journey, and right there with you on the cold weather!!!!!


  2. Rick & Marilen Beaman says:

    Oceania always has Beautiful presentation of the food. Enjoy slowly getting warmer.


  3. Patricia Bucek says:

    That food is fabulous! I am certain you enjoyed every bite. BTW…did you have to pack your parkas, or were they provided to you? Either way, I hope you won’t need them again this trip.


  4. Martha Costain says:

    Your adventures sound so fabulous! My grandson Britton has always been a penguin lover so I will be sharing your pix with him.

    What a beautiful dinner!

    Dave and I just left SW Florida after 3 weeks of 80’s and will spend a few days in Hilton Head. Hate to think about the return to reality in NJ!

    Regards, Martha


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