Muara, Brunei

May 21, 2023

No pictures today. We visited Brunei twice before and saw the sights we wanted to see. If you want to read about them, use the search function when reading this or any other post and both posts will come up.

Brunei is a VERY rich and very strict country. There is a wide gap in riches and lifestyle between the Sultan and his family and the rest of the society.

For us, staying in the port and doing our device upgrades with faster internet service was the way to go. We were only in port from 11 am until 4 pm anyway and there was really nothing within walking distance except many barber shops and a place that the crew went to buy snacks! There were a few areas in the terminal where souvenirs were being sold, but not anything we were interested in. And it was very hot. We did get everything updated.

Now we have 2 sea days before reaching Ha Long Bay, our first port in Vietnam.

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