Norfolk, VA

July 11

Arrived in Norfolk, you can see the Harry S. Truman as you pull into the harbor and the Wisconsin berthed right next to our ship. This is the largest navy base in the world and one of two NATO strategic command headquarters. In another earlier time of life, I lived here for a year, but don’t remember any of it. Passed over the Chesapeake Bay bridge-tunnel on the way in to port, this is part of the extensive bridge-tunnel network in this area, three bridge-tunnels. These are the only bridge-tunnels in the U.S.

the Insignia docked near the waterfront park.



Our plan.. Sail the Hampton Roads harbor in a schooner, have lunch and explore on foot in the afternoon.

Our sailing boat!

Our sailing boat!

We had a lot of storms in the afternoon, so I went to Starbucks to get fast wifi!

On our way to NY at 5.

Hoisting the sails

Hoisting the sails

They had a poker powerboat event today for cancer research, the Poker Run. How it works:

Many powerboats leave the marina. I took a picture before they left. They all go to a variety of different marinas, collect a playing card at each one and whichever boat has the best poker hand at the end wins! Might be a fundraising idea for LBIF?

Poker power Boating!

Poker power Boating!

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2 Responses to Norfolk, VA

  1. Rick & Marilen Beaman says:

    hi,,,, my mother lives in the Hampton area..we go visit her once a month to make sure shes okay.
    We love Oceania’s Food, we found its the best. Marilen likes it at the grill where she can stand there and order her grilled lobster and lamp chops.. The pasta station looked yummy.
    WIFI is always iffy,, early mornings are good …if not Rick heads for McDonalds or Starbuck like you did,,,
    Marilen and Rick


  2. Paul luka says:

    Very familiar with the bridge tunnel. One of the highlights of my naval career was going through it – unfortunately we went through the bridge part not the channel. Took out 3 or 4 spans and about 400 feet.

    Enjoying your blog.



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