Boston, July 15We were hoping to see the famous tower of snow-the snow that accumulated to 75 feet over the winter- but it finally melted yesterday, revealing 80 tons of garbage that got swept up with snow removal after the massive snowstorms! The mayor sponsored a contest for who would guess when it would melt – winner was to be announced today.

So, instead, with our sons, Adam and Mark, we had a wonderful day in Boston. We visited the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, which was amazing. I have always wanted to see it. No pictures were allowed in the galleries, but the courtyard was beautiful.

After lunch we finished the day at the Harpoon Brewery and were joined by Ramsay.

Sailing for Bar Harbor.

The wifi on the ship is incredibly slow (remember dial up??), so pictures may be posted later while in port…probably at Starbucks.

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2 Responses to Boston

  1. Rick & Marilen Beaman says:

    sounds like a great day, especially seeing it with your sons,,,,,,,,,cant wait to see the pictures.
    also liked the Pictures you took on your long walking in NY we couldn’t comment because the computer wouldn’t let us… marilen and Rick


  2. Martha Costain says:

    I’m sure your day was much better spent at the museum than reliving last winter’s horrible snow!! Enjoying your posts and anxious to hear more about your dinner menus! Martha


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