At sea, enroute to (change of plan) Reykjavik, Iceland

August 3

So, this morning we had our 4th safety drill (new maritime regulations require one every 14 days).  Only on the ones on an embarkation day do we need to go out to the lifeboats, the rest we just go to the inside muster station with our life preservers, listen to the safety announcements and practice putting on the life preserver. This was our 4th drill!

After the drill, the captain came on to say that due to the rough seas (yesterday, they were 15 feet) and many people got sick – thankfully not us… we are skipping the port of Isafjordur, Iceland which would have required more rough sailing today, and going directly to Reykjavik where we will arrive by 3 tomorrow, giving us an extra half day and the night in that port.  Disappointing, but I am sure the people who were sick are thankful for calmer seas.  We had planned to go to the Bird Island of Vigur to see the puffins and other numerous birds, so  now we will plan something extra in Reykjavik, perhaps the Blue Lagoon.

I did take an art class today and drew puffins so I guess that will have to do,  unless we see them in Reykjavik or Faroe Islands.

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2 Responses to At sea, enroute to (change of plan) Reykjavik, Iceland

  1. Hilary says:

    Great fun place for lunch and lobster soup is ‘The Sea Baron’ – very near the wonderful opera House on the harbour. Very rustic. The Harpa (Opera house) is a good visit and Reykjavik is very walkable with the wonderful church at the top of the Hill and ‘The Pearl’ worthy of visits.

    Blue Lagoon is a wonderful treat , and is some 45 minutes outside Reykjavik!! Enjoy .


  2. Patricia A. Bucek says:

    My Aunt and Uncle experienced one of the hot spring pools in Reykjavik and they loved it. I hope you get to see Puffins! Love Patti & Shar


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