Cape Town, South Africa


December 1

It’s difficult to get lost in Cape Town because gorgeous Table Mountain looms above the city as a reference.  We had a lovely view of it from our room.  On a previous trip, we spent 5 days in Cape Town, rode the cable car to Table Mountain, went to the ostrich farms, did a day of wine tasting in Stellenbosch, went to Cape Point, saw the massive penguin colony near Simon’s Town and ate at lots of wonderful restaurants, one in Camps Bay.  So when we returned to the ship from the safari, we just relaxed on our balcony.  I did stay up late to see the movie in the lounge, Cry Freedom, which I highly recommend.  It’s the story of the beginning of the end of apartheid and features a young Denzel Washington.  Norm went to bed early!

We also watched many seals diving and playing from our balcony.


On Tuesday, December 1 (already!!!), we did some exploring in the waterfront area, went shopping, had a lovely lunch, I had a manicure and Norm had a haircut.  Some interesting things during our shopping adventures. First of all, when you buy many of the fashion magazines, they are wrapped up and have products enclosed – sunglasses, make up, etc. We needed some ibuprophen (a bit of plantar fasciitis).  You need to get it from a pharmacist, who takes all your identity info, puts it into bottles and then locks it up in a wire basket.  You take the wire basket to the check out, where they unlock it, charge you and then give it to you.



Gillette has a big presence here, Mark!


And, they have a husband day care center.  Norm didn’t use it, he went back to the ship and I continued my retail therapy. I bought a spectacular necklace, which I will wear to the Captain’s Cocktail party.  You will need to wait till then to see a pic!


We went to Polo for dinner and had the best table to watch the sun set behind Table Mountain and the sailaway from Cape Town.  Lovely.  Now on to Namibia.

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