Abidjan, Ivory Coast


December 15

The ship arrived about 90 minutes late into the port due to port traffic, and we were advised we would stay an hour later this afternoon.  We didn’t book a tour here, but took the shuttle bus into town.  It took almost as long to get out of the port area as to the town, it is a huge commercial port.


drummers and dancers greet us

Very hot today and we were in search of some of the colorful fabrics that we have seen in Africa.  Uniwax is one of the factories that produces this fabric, and they are actively trying to counter the fake products which account for 90% of what is sold here.

After getting into a taxi and trying to get to the factory, we found out that the driver had no idea where it was. Our first clue was when he stopped twice to get directions.  I have the remnants of high school French and can do pretty well with signs and some words, so I knew he was clueless.  We just got out of the cab and found our way around the city.  We had a pretty useless map too.

Finally we went to the supermarche where we found the fabric in bolts and got someone to tell us where we could buy items.  A young man was a guide for us (and we gave him a tip for it) so he followed us everywhere then, and even waited outside the store (Woodin) where we made our purchases.

The traffic here was also very heavy.


Some of the French signs


Our young guide


a bilboard with the uniwax fabric


some of the colorful fabric

IMG_0957 IMG_0960

And here is how they decorate for Christmas in the Ivory Coast!


Here are some of the projects I have been working on in the art classes:


Knotty necklace


decorated matting


Hehe, voodoo doll


wiine bottle apron

I have two photo transfers which I will photograph when they dry, and have also done some applique.  Different from the other classes I took, but fun!

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  1. Rick & Marilen says:

    loved the colorful fabrics and all your crafts,,great job…


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