At sea, cruising the Atlantic Ocean

December 16

I haven’t done a lot of posts while we are at sea, as the activities and rest are pretty much the same.  But today is an exception for several reasons.

First, last night I actually got a shot of the fresh tuna that chef Mario brought on board to grill on the terrace.  We have had this fresh fish that he goes out to the market to buy a lot of nights, and we always go to the terrace when it is being served there.  Last night we didn’t know that he brought some on board, but had planned the terrace since we were hot and tired from our explorations in Ivory Coast.


The proud grilling cook with the tuna

Second, we had a wonderful piano concert this morning by Marilyn Kredel.  She and her husband Don are fellow world cruise passengers, and she is a concert pianist who has played in venues all over the world.  She has volunteered her services in the Sunday morning services and our cruise director, Andy, approached her to see if she would do a breakfast concert for the world cruise travelers.  “Breakfast with Beethoven”.

The culinary team went all out with fruit and assorted pastries, but the surprise was that the day she chose to do the concert – today – marked 245 years since Beethoven’s birth and they created this centerpiece for the occasion. She didn’t even think of that when she chose the day at sea to perform!

IMG_0986 IMG_0987

It was a truly beautiful concert, and Marilyn also played a fast piece called “the Juggler”. She ended with a Christmas carol in the style of Mozart.


Marilyn and Don


Today I won’t miss the art class.  Those of you who know me well may remember that I love sock monkeys.  Today and tomorrow we will make our own in class!  It may sound silly but I am excited.  Stay tuned for shots of my creation.

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1 Response to At sea, cruising the Atlantic Ocean

  1. Joel Zullinger says:

    You two are so lucky to have an up close and personal recital by Marilyn. I can’t remember where I was the last time I heard her, but it was either Philadelphia or NYC. She is an outstanding pianist.


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