At Sea on the way to India

April 23, 2017

We are at sea on the third sea day before our arrival in Cochin India.  Lots of activities on board and we do enjoy these sea days.  Today I learned some things about iphone photos that I didn’t know and the enrichment lecturers keep us learning about all sorts of things – today the lecture was about Hinduism, which I have heard John lecture on before. I went to the cooking demo yesterday and I learned that you should blanch your basil for a minute then shock in ice water before making pesto!  It keeps the pesto green.  So something new every day on all kinds of topics. Norm and I were talking about how much we have learned on these trips – and I joked that we probably already forgot half of it.  But the adventure continues.

I wanted to try a post from my laptop vs the ipad that I usually use since Ian directed me to the FAQ section about the wifi here.  It says that the ipad frequently cuts out, and that has certainly been true.  So we will see.

No winning at the blackjack tournament lately, actually no winning much at all in the casino lately.  Good thing I like the dealers.  And we finally are getting some gender equality, Tatiana from the Ukraine has joined the team.

Last night, Amanda Smith, our assistant cruise director and one of the entertainment team singers performed a late night jazz concert in Horizons.  She did a wonderful job!  She mentioned that she is looking for a boyfriend!  Any of my friends/family interested?? She just turned 32 and she is from Southern New Hampshire and went to Emerson College.

iphone back up 4.23.17 8275

And here are a couple more pictures from Mandalay.  The kind of truck that took us up the mountain, a local man greeting our bus as we traveled along, and the people making beautiful music in the hotel lobby in Mandalay.

We have a full 5 days in India to look forward to.  Stay tuned for the posts!

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1 Response to At Sea on the way to India

  1. says:

    looking forward to the adventure in Mumbai and all the other places in India…. we loved it there

    Thanks for the info on the basil..I will try to remember the tip.


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