Montréal, Canada

June 20, 2017

We woke up this morning to a big storm and we wondered what kind of a day or would be.  Well the weather cleared and it was an absolutely beautiful day.  We started the day walking all around Old Montreal.

We have been here several times before and always enjoy the French influence, the shops and restaurants.

Today, though, we were meeting a coaching colleague, Claudine, for lunch. She took us to a wonderful restaurant, les enfants terribles which is the most elevated dining destination in Montreal.  Delicious, but the best part was sharing the day with Charlene.

They had these awesome chairs!

The views were terrific.

We did some more walking and shopping then back to the ship for our 14th lifeboat drill.  Yes, even if you are on for 6 months and have memorized it, you still have to go. New people came in today for the last leg of the around the world cruise.  Hard to believe we will be home in just over 2 weeks.

Then we had the first of two bagel challenges.  There is an ongoing rivalry between certain people on the ship as to whether the bagels are better in Montreal or in New York.  So we had the Montréal version today.  Charlene said these were the best in Montréal.

We even had to fill out a ballot!

Next one in NY.  Thanks Alan and Beverly for hosting in your suite  and Victor for your part in the feast.  Lots of fun during sail away.

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1 Response to Montréal, Canada

  1. Rick & Marilen beaman says:

    Your pictures capture it all,, loved the food and interesting about the bagels,,,,the chairs were a hoot,,


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