Iguazu Falls

March 19 and 20

After a nice dinner and walk in Buenos Aires on Sunday after our arrival, we got up early yesterday for the flight to Iguazu Falls. Just under 2 hour flight, and we didn’t even go to our hotel first. Our guide for the whole time here in Argentina is Pablo and at the Falls, we were joined by Rodrigo, one of the National Park guides.

What an adventure! First, lunch at the restaurant at we park, then on to our Great Adventure experience. We went on a safari truck through the subtropical forest and heard about the many bird, animal and reptile species that live here. The park itself is huge and resembles a cross between a rainforest and a jungle. There are endangered jaguar here but it was hot in the afternoon and we didn’t see any. We did see amazing spiderweb that go all across the roads and according to our guide they are the strongest webs in the world. Too fast to get some shots of the web and spiders. We did see the Argentine raccoon – the coati.

The Falls are at the intersection of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

After the truck tour, we went on a large zodiac boat/raft to see the Tres Mosqueteros Fall, the Gargantua del Diablo and the San Martin Fall, we went directly under that one…twice!. We were soaked to the skin. Amazing! We saw this sign, wonder what it meant! Scary enough to have brown pants?

1.5 million liters per second goes over the Garganta. There are 275 different waterfalls here and all are spectacular. You might ask (and we did) if these are the biggest because they were named one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. But it is a complicated answer. Niagara has the highest volume of water, Iguazu is the largest and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is the highest. Guess which we haven’t yet visited?. Niagara. So we want to go in the fall.

After our boat adventure we were soaked but it didn’t matter much as we now walked on the lower trail to view the Falls and it poured rain the rest of the day!

Hope this video works, shows the Falls in slow motion and also the rain with some of our fellow travelers.

After a fabulous and wet day, we went to our hotel right in the jungle- the Loi Suites. A simply gorgeous place that was designed to fit right into nature. These photos are from this morning since it was too dark to take them when we arrived.

Lovely dinner and today we did the two other trails after taking the eco train which travels on a 1000 meter footbridge to the Garganta del Diablo. We walked on the catwalks above the Falls. Simply spectacular and pictures cannot do it justice. Again, lots of rain and we broke down and bought ponchos.

We had a box lunch on the bus on the way to the airport, a steak on a huge roll with a brownie and some type of ham pastry.

Flight back was smooth.

Will post about the tango show when we get on the ship. Tomorrow!

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8 Responses to Iguazu Falls

  1. Jan says:

    Fabulous waterfall


  2. Christie A Gehman says:

    I’m pretty sure I have one of those anus things!


  3. Mary Lynn Devlin says:

    Oh my gosh! This is so spectacularly breathtaking! Love the video. Thank you so much for taking us along with you. Keep those photos coming!


  4. Gretchen says:

    Spectacular! Yes, video worked!


  5. Juanita says:

    Wonderful video. Felt the mist and the droplets. How fortunate are you.
    Iguazu Falls definitely makes the bucket list. The hotel is certainly not shabby either. Safe travels.


  6. Sharon Krohn says:

    What another wonderful life changing experience! The amazing Falls! Enjoy enjoy enjoy.


  7. Marilen & Rick says:

    Always love the videos….. we haven’t been here but now don’t have to with all your great pictures,,Ha.. We have been to the other falls….. looks like a great hotel, toommmmmrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  8. Barbara Lahr says:

    Thanks for sharing. . . love each post.


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