Flights and arrival in Buenos Aires

We traveled on Latam Airlines from Miami to Buenos Aires via Sao Paulo. Normally I wouldn’t write about flights but this was unusual. We never heard of an airline letting you bid on upgrades, but we got an email about a week ago letting us know about it. So we put bids in for bombardments, more for the first since it was an 8 hour flight – the second one was only 3 hours.

Here’s the outcome- we got upgrades for both. And access to the VIP lounge before takeoff! Nice sleeping in those first class seats that go flat.

Second flight seats. They gave us comfy comforters and pillows too.

When we got to Buenos Aires, we had to wait in lines for 2 hours for immigration then customs. It was apparently because of bad storms with lightning that came through before we arrived which held up taking baggage off many planes.

Here is a view of the crowds.

Tomorrow we fly to Iguazu Falls!

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