Sailing and leaving the Amazon River

April 15, 2018

We were walking on the deck this morning when we felt and saw that the ship was turning around. At first we thought that we needed to make a turn so that the pilots could disembark, even though it would have been earlier than they told us it would be. Very soon Nolan, our cruise director, came on the speaker system to announce that there was a medical emergency on board and we turned back to allow the person to get ly the ship at a place that could provide medical treatment. This would take 3 hours back and another 3 hours to where we are now. ‘re on past experience We knew that it wouldn’t allow us to make the port at Devil’s Island, French Guiana. Around 1 PM the captain made that announcement. So that is a disappointment, we were looking forward to it. But as I always say, at least we aren’t the one on the stretcher.

I assume they will still be showing the movie Papillon tonight, and of course, it is all about the popcorn! So now they will prepare activities for a sea day tomorrow.

Yesterday afternoon Norm took this beautiful cloud picture.

We had dinner in Red Ginger last night. As always, it was terrific. I took a video of the magic towel they give us after the edamame. Very cool.

And this morning at breakfast we did spot several moths out at the terrace cafe. None as big as a dinner plate nor do I think they could pick up a rabbit, but interesting anyway. These are the things that amuse us at sea!!

Just one week to go and now we are heading to the Caribbean where we will visit Barbados, Antigua and St. Beats.

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1 Response to Sailing and leaving the Amazon River

  1. Marilen & Rick says:

    We are so sorry you didn’t get to Devils island. The movie you saw went right with it..Maybe another time…like you said at least you weren’t on a stretcher. Devils island was interesting but the one thing we remember it was the Hottest of all the time we were there and at any port. People were soaked and some turned back for more water. I love the heat but it must have been really hot for me to remember. I was concerned about Rick, but he did fine.

    Keep having fun. We have so enjoyed the trips you take. We put them a special folder for our future use.

    Your stops in the Amazon let us relive our cruise there with Oceania several years ago.


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