At Sea

April 17, 2018

Well, what ELSE do you do on sea days?  For me the first thing after breakfast was a steam room visit followed by a seaweed wrap and fabulous massage in the spa!  I almost didn’t want to leave the massage table.  But, at 10:30 one of the fun things they do on these cruises took place.  The country fair.  Each department on the ship sets up a booth on the pool deck and has a different kind of activity for you to play and win raffle tickets. Here are a few of the activities and fun crew members.


One of the activities was to put lipstick on your partner while blindfolded.  I have to say we both did a pretty good job.

I have a video but will load it later if I can!

I didn’t win anything in the raffle but had lots of fun.

Later in the day, three of our friends from previous cruises, Snezana and Alice and Tom – who have rooms just down the hall and next to each other, invited the other 11 who had been on the cruises with us to a party in their rooms.  Unfortunately it was too windy to remove the balcony separation.  We had a nice time and lots to eat and drink. We had just gotten another complimentary bottle of champagne and brought it but that one didn’t even get opened.  The butler did a nice job with the snacks and even those were hardly touched.



Tom had a very cool camera from Kodak that prints pictures almost like the old Polaroids.

We then had the returning guest cocktail party where we were recognized as the most traveled guests on this cruise!! Here we are with some of our friends at the party. And Snezana got her platinum pin. The last picture is her with the GM, Thierry, and Captain Silvachynsky.


After the party, we were again invited to dinner with Thierry and Peter Morris, the destination manager along with 4 other couples.  A fun night with great food and wine.

We will certainly miss this in just a few short days!

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