Bordeaux, France

June 16, 2019

Last night there was a birthday party for our Around the World ambassador, Steve.  It was a lot of fun and yes, there was a monkey cake.  A bit risqué too. Or perhaps just a misplaced banana.


It was a beautiful sail in to Bordeaux this morning.  The city is on the Garonne River and our ship is small enough to go all the way on the river to the city itself.  The only other boats there were three riverboats, no cruise ships.


This is our third time in Bordeaux and we love it.

We were docked right outside the Place de la Bourse, the stock Exchange Square.


Today we walked all through the historic area, visited two churches and lots of flea markets and regular markets.

Here are the market pictures I love to take.


These  cream puff type doughnuts were wonderful.  We had a sample and then only bought one to share.  The woman who was selling them encouraged us to buy two.  When we came back later to tell her how good it was, she said “why didn’t you buy two?”  Norm said we are on a ship and there is too much good food.  She said “that’s not my problem.  I need to make a living!!”


The first church was the Basilique Saint- Michel. This church was built between the 14th and 15th centuries. I lit a candle for Nora again here.



We also visited Cathedrale Saint-Andre.  It is comparable in size to the Notre Dame in Paris.  Most of the structure was built between the 13th and 15th century.  Mass was still going on when we arrived, so we waited to be able to go in and take some pictures. 


Both of these churches are UNESCO World Heritage Churches.

We strolled through some of the old squares and past the mostly closed shops – since today is Sunday, many of them don’t open at all. Lots of beautiful sights and adorable kids.


Along the river there was a market set up which apparently is there every Sunday. We had a stroll through that, too.


We had dinner last time we were here at a restaurant in the Grand Theatre, the opera house here in Bordeaux.  Lovely memory of time with Beverly and Alan.


Tonight there is a special event in French Wine Country for the Around the World guests.  It is at the Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte.

It was a great night starting with the drive there through the countryside.  We had wine and tapas outside under tents, toured the wine cellars and then had dinner inside the winery.


It stays light here until about 10 PM.  But on the way home we had a wonderful full moon.

Great day with one more to come.

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