Bordeaux, France, Day 2

June 17, 2019

It was another beautiful day in Bordeaux.  We went out for an early walk and stopped in at another church.  We were the only people there! Again, it was beautiful inside.  Most of the churches here seem to have similar architecture and were built or renovated in the same era.


This quote is by St. Francis de Sales and means “all for love, nothing by force.”

We saw this unique book shelf outside of a home!


And some other sights.



We couldn’t figure out what was going on with the column here, it seemed to be covered with bark or rust.

We spent a lot of time in the botanical garden. It is so serene and beautiful.  Chris, these pictures are especially for you. And Deb, the duck and goose pictures are for you!


I had a work related call to do in the afternoon, so we had lunch along the river and headed back to the ship. 


After the call, I went out to do a bit more sightseeing and shopping.

They have a tramway here that operates on ground level power supply and is so quiet that you have to really pay attention or you could be on the tracks at the wrong time.IMG_4185IMG_4184

As we left for the day, I got some good pictures of the bridge that raises in the middle for us to pass under.  It stays open for an hour for ships to pass, and it is only the smaller ones like ours that can even come to the center of Bordeaux. Here is what it looks like closed and open, and also as we passed under it.



I took the one just above from inside the ship, how about that yacht with the helicopter on the back of it!

I also got a pretty good picture of the wine museum (La Cite bdu Vin).  Very unusual design.

What a wonderful 2 days in Bordeaux.  We can’t wait to come back.  And, yes, my high school French still helps!

We have a sea day tomorrow on the way to Southampton, UK, where the people who were on for the segment will disembark and we will begin our last (gulp) segment of this glorious around the world adventure.

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5 Responses to Bordeaux, France, Day 2

  1. Gretchen says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Love the gardens and wine museum and the weather looks perfect!


  2. chrisgehman says:

    wow, spectacular. Thanks for sharing. It’s been raining SO much here it’s like being in Ireland. Also liked that bridge. Interesting. Are you down to 2 weeks yet? See you soon.

    On Tue, Jun 18, 2019 at 3:13 AM Pat and Norm’s World Cruises and other adventures wrote:

    > patmathews posted: “June 17, 2019It was another beautiful day in > Bordeaux. We went out for an early walk and stopped in at another church. > We were the only people there! Again, it was beautiful inside. Most of the > churches here seem to have similar architec” >


  3. Ed Beck says:

    I do believe Bordeaux is a beautiful and distinctive city thanks to Napoleon III but I can’t buy that ugly wine museum. Like a huge flat tire. Next time you need to book a wine tour to St. Emilion, a World Heritage site with the best of the Bordeaux wines.

    Ed Beck



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