Rhine Gorge and Boppard, Germany

November 12, 2019

The trip through the Rhine Gorge was just beautiful.  It was cold, so I stayed mostly in the lounge.  Some of the pictures are through the windows so there are some light reflections, but Norm was outside some of the time and got better ones.  Jessie gave us this map of the various castles and other buildings we will see and she narrated our trip through the Gorge.



We passed the Lorelei (Loreley) Statue which is a memorial for a young woman and her ghost which are claimed to have lured sailors to their death on the rocks.  It was pretty far from the ship so hard to see.  Good thing there was the blue flag to alert us!  Jessie played the song as we passed it.


We arrived in Boppard and had a walk through this very small but charming town.


After dinner, we sailed for Koblenz which will be our last stop before we leave the ship in Cologne.

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