Cruising the Ionian Sea

April 8, 2022

Today was our last sea day of the cruise unless we have a port cancelled, but the weather has been nice so I think we will make all of the next ports. 

Today we were invited to a wine tasting which was called “the battle of the reds” , Bordeaux to California and was kind of like the Judgement of Paris challenge when the French were appalled that the California reds won the competition.  It was very interesting. We tasted 6 wines and each two were paired.  We learned about each in a blind tasting and then had to guess which came from each region.  They were delicious and I learned a lot.


The wines we tasted were Chateau Valandraud Virginie De Valandraud (Bordeaux) challenged by Duckhorn Vineyards Merlot (Napa)  (France won).

Chateau Bouscaut Grand Cru Classe De Graves (Bordeaux) challenged by Shafer Vineyards TS-9 (Napa)  (France won).

Chateau Lunch-Moussas 5Eme Cru Classe (Bordeaux) challenged by Camus Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa) (Napa won).

The sommelier said that it doesn’t always turn out that way, each group that does the tasting may score differently. 

The line dancing was held in the Marina lounge so I got to see what the room looks like from the stage!

I thought I might give a few facts about the ship.  It is the Oceania Marina which was built in 2011 and completely refurbished in 2021.  It holds 1250 guests.  The last segment had about 900 and this segment we have about 600.  I am sure that at the Oceania Club parties on Saturday and Sunday I will hear the exact number.  There are 800 crew members from 52 nationalities. I love meeting them and hearing about their lives when they are at home.

I made the finals of blackjack and did not win – one player got blackjack on the final hand when we all had big bets on the table and he wiped us all out!

Here is a picture of the ship:


It was windy and cool today and here is the ADDA band on deck with their wooly hats on.


We had another dinner in Red Ginger tonight.  They start each meal with edamame and give you a dry small towel which they pour hot water on to expand it, this is to clean your hands after the edamame. I tried to take a video of it but it didn’t turn out.

I had the tempura sweet potato and avocado as an appetizer.  Delicious.


Tomorrow we visit our first port in Greece, Katakolon.

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  1. Sheree says:

    Blind wine tastings are fun


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